#28873 - Sugar Club Metaverse & jackfrost_aLIΞN DJ - 2022

Event ID: #28873
Description: Virtual party decentraland
Date: 19 Feb 2022
Codes requested: 500
Distribution method: Private server Hprivakos (decentraland booth )

I only received 100 poaps, requested 500. you gave me 300 poaps for our friday event ( #28022 - Sugar Club & GraffitiKings Party DCL - 2022 - #2 ) . i do not understand your policy. it is damaging to our community of 1000 + users coming every week to the club.

from 600 to 300 to 100 poaps … are you distributing 100 poaps to the other virtual clubs as well ?

Sugar Club is one of the largest venues in decentraland operating since 2019, 100 poaps and i will have many users complaining.

i just received 300 poaps extra. thank you for your cooperation . We are testing a new catcha system .

Hey, sorry for the delay

We’re thrilled you want to drop a POAP to your community :medal_military:

The amount of POAPs is not only related to the community size, it’s also related to the issuer history and the quality of the drops. We’re concerned about farming issues (farmers are people that collect POAPs without assisting the events) so that’s why the Curation Body sometimes limit the amount of POAPs.

You can read more about the subject here: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops - #6

Enjoy your event!

The POAP Curation Body