.#28413- Daytona Raceweek 2022 w/ TigerQueen.io

Event ID: #28413
Description: I was at Daytona Raceweek 2022 and minted my first NFT from TigerQueen.io.
Codes Requested: 10,000
Distribution: Website

I was wondering what is the timeline for getting website approved? First time using this method and need website live for tonight.

Thank you.

Hey @CharlesChambers
Can you please re-check the event ID? I only see a petition for mint links with the event ID #28413.

If you haven’t created the petition for website yet, here you can find a step by step guide:

The POAP Curation Body

Thanks for the response, I was unaware I had to do it on my end but its all set now I created a petition. I requested 10,000 code but had 50 links sent over, will this affect my odds of approval?

Hey @charleschambers,

10,000 codes is a huge amount and a big responsibility for a first time issuer, that’s why the Curation Body made a positive review for 50 codes.

Please utilize the approved amount of links before requesting more (Top-up of this drop). Curation would like to review the quality of your distribution.

These resources might be helpful for your future drops:

We wish you the best with your event,

The POAP Curation Body