#28244 - Brandverse - Twitter AMA security - POAP 4

#28244 - Brandverse - Twitter AMA security - POAP 4

please approve the drop of this POAP. This POAP will be delivered through secret word during an AMA session.
The topic of the AMA will be Discord security.
The AMA session will be recorded, that’s why the secret word will be active for more than 24 hours, and that’s why we required 350 POAPS to claim (last poap drop during twitter ama we reached 250 POAPs collected in 24 hours).

Thank you

Hey @Siberia7922

We’re happy to check on the status of your drop petition. We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hello @fiorescan , the “secret word” has just been approved, but we got only 100 poaps to claim instead of the 300 requested. I just opened a request for 200 more. 250 POAPS have been collected in less than 24 hours during our last AMA. With 100 POAPS we will need to spend time answering people that can’t mint the POAP and we will have to send them unique links. We had this issue already with the first drop and it was very time consuming. Please approve the request for 200 more.

Hey @Siberia7922
I know it’s time consuming, but Curators are concerned about posible farming issues, as you plan to leave the Secret Word will be active for more than 24 hours.
We recommend a time-frame of 10-15 minutes for the Secret Word, as to avoid farming (farmers usually share the secret word to people who didn’t participate on the event).

I’m sorry, but POAPs should be only for people who actually participate on the event and not people who watch a pre-recorded video.

We wish you the best with your drop,
The POAP Curation Body

Hello, please show to the curator this: POAP Gallery
All those POAPS have been minted in our previous AMA. Our community is on different time zones. Collecting POAPs for them is important, as they are part of our WL strategy for our NFT drop.
We are in contact also with your POAP team in Europe and planning an event together where we will show case the use of POAPs for our project.
Our community is worldwide, we can’t ask them to attend an event too late at night, and we want to incentivize them to listen to it as soon as they can.
From a customer service stand point, if we need to send a unique link, we provide a very negative user experience. Instead of getting the POAPs with 1 click, the users will need to contact us, wait for our reply and then redeem. This bad experience for them would be also connected to the POAP brand, as we will need to explain them that the issue is caused by the fact that we can’t have more than 100 POAPS approved.

Delivery by secret word is perfect for what we are doing, but we need to get enough POAPS to avoid the issue.
Please send all those info to the curator, our next POAP (after this one) will be used during the announcement of a big collaboration, and in that situation we will have a lot of problems with just 100 POAPs available.

Our drop is at 6.00 pm CET tomorrow, I hope to get this reviewed before.

Thanks for your support @Fio, we at Brandverse are big supporters of POAPs!

Best regards,

hello @Fio , as a plan B, I created a request for 150 more codes, to deliver through unique links. When we reach the limit through secret word, the people will send us a DM, and we will send them the unique link. Please approve this request before 6.00 pm CET, it is very important.



Congrats, looks like your drop received a positive review.

Please make sure that the people you send the links are actual participants of the event :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body