#28229 - DP x MMC - Movie Nite - SCOOBY-DOO

Secret Word Request.

This is an invite only event hosted in a private audio call. Participants will have to fill out a Google Form only available during the event and this list will be cross referenced with the attendee list before the secret word will be distributed a day later.

This process ensures that only those who were invited, attended, and filled out the proper form will be able to claim a POAP.

Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results.
I see you were approved for 100 out of 300 codes.
Before we issue more codes for your drop, we love to know that those first 100 were put to good use. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a special shared memory. Properly honor those first 100 & the Curation Body will consider your request for additional codes.

Enjoy your event!
The POAP Curation Body

Great, thank you. I will circle back during/after our event :slight_smile: