#27875 TempleDAO — Call To Prayer — #12, Sunday 13th Feb 2022


For attendance of the Twelfth TempleDAO ‘Call To Prayer’ — Sunday 13th, Feb 2022 @ 11pm UTC (Discord Stage).

Receive this POAP for attending, distributed via DEGEN bot at the end of the event.

Requested 350

Also FYI I could only select ‘Site Feedback’ under category when posting this topic

Also, attempted to post this earlier with links to our twitter and website but got flagged as spam

Hey @alfa,
Congrats, looks like your drop received a positive review. You’re all ready to go!

Regarding category: have you introduced yourself? You can do it here, then you will be able to access the Community Category: Introduce yourself to access the #Community category!

The POAP Curation Body