#27483 - DAOVoice Initial members - 2022

Event ID: 27483

Hi,POAP team!When Web3 in Europe and America is developing more vigorously, people in China are often restricted by language, cultural environment and communication tools if they want to learn the latest cutting-edge trends.So we decided to create a Chinese Web3 community, DAOvoice.

DAOVoice is a Chinese Web3 research community and we will gradually deploy it as a DAO organization shared by all members of the community.

As we imagined it – the voice of the People – it would be an organization we all share, representing our will to freely communicate and discuss.


Code requested:200

Distribution method: Discord bot MEE6 automatically distributes Mint links based on the level at which community members are speaking.

Reason for application: encourage members to actively interact and share, discuss the development of Web3, and reward the initial members.

About DAOvoice
Telegram:Telegram: Contact @daovoice
Linktree:DAOVoice:人民的声音 | Linktree

Hey @zbb

I see you were approved for 20 out of 200 codes.

As a first time issuer, we want to review the quality of your 1st drop’s distribution. Before we issue more codes for your drop, we love to know that those first 20 were put to good use.

The POAP Curation Body