#27265 - Peaceful Groupies Lab

This is a POAP in appreciation of the Groupies who helped by testing it and giving valuable feedback for the development of VibesBot.

I requested this time ago and haven’t been approved yet, can I get some support here?

Hey @patZEN,
As I can see, you have already received a positive review on petition #26844, which has the same artwork but a different email.

Have you received the codes from #26844? Please let us know :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body

No, I haven’t received the codes…
Yep! In my other email I never received the first email, I’m having issues with the inbox.

Hi @Fio, I haven’t received anything from this one or the codes for #27268 - $PEACE-FUL Metaverse Party - 2022.
Today is the expire date for #27265 - Groupies Lab already. Can anyone help me?

Hello? @Fio
Any useful idea of what to do? I have my community waiting for you guys.

Can you submit a new petition with other email? Try using a gmail or similar.


Done, both POAPs are under these new names:
#28879 - $PEACE-FUL Party

Please check them out! The PEACE-FUL Party event is tomorrow and I haven’t got any of the codes.


Hey, looks like your drop received a positive review.
Can you confirm if you received the codes?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I did! Thank you very much @Fio!!

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