#26977 - AMG Guild First AMA

Dear POAP Curation Body,

I’d like your approval on our event memoire POAP that commemorates the first ever AMA we held for our guild. We’d like to distribute the codes through email and everybody who was there could claim it to own.

Thank you,


Hey @niftymark

Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results.
I see you were approved for 100 out of 400 codes. You can then request more codes if needed :slight_smile:

Enjoy your event!

The POAP Curation Body

Hello @Fio !

Thanks so much, if possible I’d like the rest of the codes so I can send them out. I’ve requested it through the Event page as well, not sure if that’s enough so I wanted to add it here, too.

Such an amazing thing to see people claiming these :slight_smile:


We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.
We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:


Congrats! Your drop petition was reviewed with positive results :star_struck:

We wish you the best with your drop.
The POAP Curation Body