#26971 + #26972 Bankless Academy - petition for more codes

Hi POAP team frens :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

I’m the Bankless Academy lead dev and I’m filling a petition in order to receive more codes for these 2 events:


The Bankless DAO launched Bankless Academy last week.

This platform teaches people about web3, DeFi and more in very easy to use interface like Duolingo.
While learning about these topics, users have to complete quizzes and quests (web3 actions). After that, they are receiving a POAP as Proof of Completion (or Competence) of their lesson.

Since we launched 8 days ago, we had:

  • 10k+ unique visitors
  • 6k unique ETH wallets connected
  • distributed more than 3k POAPs for each lesson, so more that 6k in total

Also yesterday we got featured in the Bankless weekly rollup :eyes::

… so we are expecting more traffic this weekend! :sweat_smile:


A couple days ago I shared how we are trying to prevent farmers to farm :man_farmer: in the POAP #development Discord channel (currently has 7 :+1: including a POAP developer).

Here are the details on how I’ve implemented the POAP distribution and tried to prevent POAP farming:

  • each learner is required to answer the quizzes and do the web3 quest
  • to claim a POAP code the user has to sign a message with his wallet

Before distributing the POAP codes, we check that:

  • the user has previously done the quest (this is stored in the database)
  • took less than 2 minutes to sign the message
  • verify the signature in the backend (you can’t claim a code for another ETH address)
  • prevent people from claiming more than 2 POAPs per IP

Also I don’t upload all POAP codes I requested to the database in one go.
I upload them by small batches. Currently batches of 200, but I’m planning to reduce that to 100 or lower as the traffic reduces.
This helps to discourage famers: in case someone actually manages to farm some, they soon see a message “No more POAP codes available …” until I manually re-upload new codes.

As you can see it’s complicated to farm the POAP codes at the moment, unless you use a VPN and do all the steps manually.
Ideally we don’t want to require sharing a signature on twitter or BrightID and similar to keep the experience simple and very accessible.
But if we don’t have a choice, we’ll consider stricter requirements in the future.

If the POAP dev team has suggestions on how to prevent farming, I’ll be happy to discuss and see what else is possible to add.

Our project GitHub repo GitHub - BanklessDAO/bankless-academy


First of all, resume our ability to request POAP codes.
Right now we already distributed all the POAPs codes for #26971 and are about to run out of codes soon for #26972.

Receive feedback from your dev team if you consider that our current POAP security is not strong enough.

These 2 events are going to be on-going for the whole year, so we would like to request for batches of 1000 codes at a time. Like I said earlier, we won’t upload all of them into the database in one go but only in small batches. Having this buffer is going to prevent spamming you everyday with small requests and also avoid being stuck without codes during rush hours or weekends.


At the moment I’ve created this POAP support page https://bankless.notion.site/bankless/Bankless-Academy-POAP-Support-9a9e60c883ac427da14dad324731028c
Let us know if there’s anything we could improve.

We would love to create a dedicated POAP lesson on Bankless Academy in the coming months, so let me know if you are interested! :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: For some reason I couldn’t select anything else than the “Site Feedback” as a category (could be a setting related to the trust level)

post edit: I managed to replace the category after posting this


it was the same for me too

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Great post @didierkrux. You are doing a great job with Academy and the handling of this!


Yes he is! Didier is on fire!! I really like his approach to request 1000 POAPs at a time at only use 200 at a time when adding to database. I think this will prevent us from running out!!


Hi @frankie,

Do you know when we can expect an answer from the POAP team?
We have been out of POAP codes for a couple of days already and many people who finished their lessons are waiting to claim a POAP.

Let me know if you need anything else from us.

Thanks! :pray:

Great summary, Didier. The work you’ve done both to build the product and to address farming issues shows great care. I’d hate to lose momentum now that we’re shipping.


Hey @didierkrux thanks for the summary. Its going to take me a minute to synthesize the information here. Are you able to message me privately with the email you’ve been using to submit petitions?

Hi @isabel,

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

I sent you a friend request on Discord so I can DM you.