#26678 QR code delivery created but not working

I hope you don’t mind me sending this message again. It was a reply more than a day ago on the original thread but i did not get support. I saw replies from the team on other threads as early as 4 hours ago so my message might have been missed.

Here is my message:

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve already set up the QR dispensing. It just doesnt work.

As the QR wouldn’t work, I tried using one code from the email sent to me to claim. Still experiencing the same problem with the QR codes (it says no more POAPS left for the event) and it still says 0 claimed out of 250. I’m trying to send you two screenshots but it seems im unable to as a “new member”. Anyway:

As i’ve already mentioned, when i scan the QR from the dispenser, after the game, it says “No more POAPs available for this event!”

And on the QR home screen it still says under, “0 out of 250 codes claimed or pending”

Please, please get back to me with a resolution. Simply stating that one POAP has been claimed does not really help push this forward. Hope you can understand my concerns. I highly appreciate the support.

Have a good day.


I will continue on the original thread.

The POAP Curation Body