#26678 My approved event for ETHDenver seems to have run out of POAPS before the event even started?

Hello there!

Just a few things I wanted to resolve before the start of ETHDenver.

I thought I had successfully set up our company’s QR claim for our POAP so I followed the links and tried to claim our POAP to test. It said “0 out of 250 claimed” though after I played the color game it said there are no more POAPS for this event. How is this so? Is it because maybe the event hasn’t started yet?

Also, the event cannot be found on the poap.delivery page. Why is this? I thought it was already approved? Again, is it because the event hasn’t officially started based on the dates I inputted?

One last thing, is it possible to just show 1 QR code instead of 1 individual QR per code? We will be very busy at the event and it would help massively for us to be able to just show 1 QR code when someone wants to claim at the booth. Or is this already how it works? Please shed some light on this.

Thank you so much! Hope to hear back from you ASAP :slight_smile:

Hey @emsalada,
As I can see, your POAP was claimed once: POAP Gallery I guess it was one of your team members testing it?

Regarding distribution method:
Maybe QR dispenser would work for your use case, you can find more information here: How Do I Set Up the Magic POAP QR Dispenser to Distribute Mint Links Via Unique QR Codes? | POAP Help Center

If you have more questions, please contact our Customer Support team via the chat bubble at the POAP website– Discourse is a channel to discuss about the drop petitions, while Customer Support job is to help issuers finding the best distribution methods for drops.

The POAP Curation Body

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve already set up the QR dispensing. It just doesnt work.

As the QR wouldn’t work, I tried using one code from the email sent to me to claim. Still experiencing the same problem with the QR codes (it says no more POAPS left for the event) and it still says 0 claimed out of 250. I’m trying to send you two screenshots but it seems im unable to as a “new member”. Anyway:

As i’ve already mentioned, when i scan the QR from the dispenser, after the game, it says “No more POAPs available for this event!”

And on the QR home screen it still says under, “0 out of 250 codes claimed or pending”

Please, please get back to me with a resolution. Your reply wasn’t very helpful in moving this forward, my friend. Hope you can understand my concerns. I highly appreciate the support.

Have a good day.


Hey @emsalada,

I’ve already sent this case to Customer Support, I’m afraid I can’t help you. Sorry about that.

I’ll let you know when I have news about your petition.

The POAP Curation Body

Hi @emsalada,

I’m Sam from Customer Support.

It sounds like you are using the Magic POAP QR Dispenser and running into trouble. That tool is currently in beta and we have been seeing some trouble recently with how long it will “remain open” before needing to be rebuilt. I will cover those rebuild instructions now to try and get you back online while we pivot to a more bulletproof distribution method you can use.

So you should have an email in your inbox from when you set up the Magic POAP QR Dispenser (QR kiosk) with the subject line of: " POAP - Your QR kiosk for {Drop name here}"
Open that email and click the “Event admin link” button shown below:

On the page that follows, scroll to the bottom and click the “Delete event” button.

Once that’s done, you’ll be returned to the home page where you can then begin rebuilding your Magic POAP QR Dispenser - this is the part that you will have done before, but the instructions can be found at the following link if needed: How Do I Set Up the Magic POAP QR Dispenser to Distribute Mint Links Via Unique QR Codes? | POAP Help Center

Now, how to bulletproof this drop for you so that you are not rebuilding this Dispenser regularly:

Because this is an in-person event at EthDenver, a POAP.Website (with a static QR code) shouldn’t be an issue to use. To set that up, follow the instructions here, starting from Step 2: How Do I Set Up a Website for POAP Distribution? | POAP Help Center

Once set up, come back here & speak with @Fio to have the new website drop approved.


Thank you so much @Fio and @TheSquanch for your help.

I have successfully accomplished both steps and am here to request for approval.

If you can help clarify some things while I have you here, it would be hugely appreciated:

TBH, all the different tasks and methods of claiming are a little confusing.

  1. With my current set-up, are people now able to claim thru 3 ways: QR dispenser, website with QR generator AND individual codes? I think we would need the individual codes to work as well since there is a virtual component to claiming - participants of our Game Night online can claim on our discord as well. What do you think is the best method for this?

  2. So if I was a random person at the event, how would I claim this POAP? One of the team members simply goes to the website and generates the QR code for people to scan and claim? This QR doesn’t change per code right?

  3. What then is the difference between the QR kiosk and the website? People are able to claim from both methods separately or are the kiosk and website linked in some way?

  1. First I’ll clarify what you said above. So you have a QR Dispenser set up which will create unique QR codes on-the-fly as collectors scan them. Those unique QR codes are simply generated from the list of individual & unique mint links you received in that links.txt file. The POAP.Website simply created a static QR code (one weblink) that can distribute multiple POAPs - aka, easily farmed if shared online so you won’t want to use that for your Discord distribution. In short, these two methods of distribution pull from separate code approvals. You may have 300 mint links (used in the QR Dispenser), for example, but you could have an additional 200 POAP.Website mints as well. For Discord, you’ll want to send individual mint links from that links.txt file to each collector but this can have difficulties as well after using the QR Dispenser because you won’t know which mint links have been used. Once your POAP.Website is approved, I would suggest shutting down your QR Dispenser and instead, distribute your POAPs in-person via the POAP.Website you’ve created.

In order to be approved for a Discord distribution, you need to provide some method of verification of users so that people can’t simply hop in & collect the POAP. Typically we’d recommend doing this by setting up a Google Form (Google Forms: Free Online Form Creator | Google Workspace) to collect your users’ ETH addresses & having them answer a quick question about your particular event so that you know they are actual attendees as opposed to POAP farmers looking to abuse your drop. Once the ETH addresses are collected, you can set up a POAP.delivery (https://poap.delivery) - also requiring approval - to create a whitelist of addresses to can visit a page such as this (https://poap.delivery/alphaday2000/) to collect their POAP.

I know this is a lot of information and another method of distribution, but if you consider your QR Dispenser as deprecated due to the POAP.Website you’ve created, it will make more sense.

  1. The POAP.Website would simply be displayed as a QR code on paper or digital display at your booth & collectors would be able to scan it to claim their POAP. There’s no need to have your team create new QR codes or scan on behalf of users. POAP.Website = 1 static QR code that can distribute multiple POAPs with each consecutive scan. QR Dispenser = multiple unique QR codes that are good for 1 POAP each, and are cycled through as they’re scanned/minted.

  2. I think this is answered in the above two points.

Happy to help and answer more questions if needed :slight_smile: I certainly understand the confusion regarding the different distribution methods, but I think this article may be able to shed some light on the differences between them: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

Hey @TheSquanch ,

Thanks for the info! Yes, a lot to take in and potentially very confusing but I think I get it enough. Just some final clarifications before I decide how the company goes about this.

So you’re saying that: the static QR code is one QR on the website i created that just gives out the number of codes i requested for the website creation. in this case, 250 codes.

At the same time, the original 250 codes i requested, sent to me via links.txt file, is a whole other 250 codes (this set accessible via QR dispenser as well).

So that’s a total of 500 POAPs available to be claimed, is this correct?

Furthermore, if this is in fact, correct, my thinking is just doing the static QR for the physical event (which you suggested), but just sending individual codes on discord thru a ticket system. This will work right?

I understand the wallet delivery system you suggested works too but in theory, the individual codes should work online in line with the static QR at the physical event right?

Super appreciate your help. Thanks!

Yes, everything you’ve just said is correct :blush: