#26391 - CD x MMC Movie Nite - SERIAL MOM

Secret Word Request.

This is an invite only event hosted in a private audio call. Participants will have to fill out a Google Form only available during the event and this list will be cross referenced with the attendee list before the secret word will be distributed a day later.

This process ensures that only those who were invited, attended, and filled out the proper form will be able to claim a POAP.

Hey @MMC,
Your event was reviewed with positive results, but if you are already collecting participation that way, it would be best to just use mint links.
A secret word can still be shared around to people that shouldn’t have access to it.
It can lead to people that actually attended to not getting one, once farmers find it.

But if it’s a private audio call anyway, you could just verbally tell the secret word during the call.
Make sure you disable your secret word after a short period of time, just enough that everybody has the chance to mint it.
You can disable your secret word on the same page you created it, there is a small checkbox for it.
Ask support on http://poap.xyz/ if you can’t find it.
Have fun on your event ! :slight_smile: