#26365 - CryptoDocs NFT Presale Party "*Fixed Artwork" - February 6th

The project is called Crypto Docs.

The event details
CryptoDocsNFT Presale NFT Party Sunday Feb 6th @ 12pm EST on Twitterspace

Special Guests:
:sparkles:CEO of @netvrk1 | Brand Partnership
:sparkles:CEO of Decentology @techbubble - NIK
:sparkles:BAYC #2339 @TheeHustleHouse - BARON
:sparkles:Music Producer @GreggSgarlata
:sparkles:NFT blog host @itsKac
:sparkles:NFT Whales


Give away #NFTs when the room hits 250 people!

We want to surprise special members and attendees on Sunday Party with this NFT
Kindly, consider creating 250 mint links for us. We’re going to send each attendee to the AMA event a unique mint link. We currently have 650 whitelisted members who have filled our form with their wallet addresses and their OpenSea links and we have matched it for every member to confirm their identities.

Once we launch our DAO we might use this to reward holders as Early Contributors.

Kindly approve it as soon as possible so we can celebrate this tremendous event party on sunday.


Please stick to one discourse thread + update information within it.
(This makes it easier to review your request.)

Thanks! :pray: