#25994 POAP Workshop by BanklessDAO (encountered farmers)


I have conducted a POAP workshop for BanklessDAO and distributed POAPs to the participants who attended via DEGEN Bot. Unfortunately while using it, some codes were accidentally leaked out to botters/farmers, causing my Participants to find their POAPs minted before they could. I have requested for more codes to ensure my participants receive their POAPs.

Was wondering if POAP team could provide advice on steps I may take the moment i discovered my POAP links have been accidentally leaked? Would like to know what are some of the best practices.

I had used a DEGEN bot to capture the attendance by number of people who listened in to the workshop in the Discord channel + provided a survey form to be completed and double checked the survey respondents with the attendance list provided by DEGEN to derive the number of participants to be given the POAP.

Would POAP.Delivery have been the best possible way to ensure my participants about 50++ gets their POAPs safely?

Please advise. Thank you!

Hey @Asturias,

Looks like your drop received a positive review :slight_smile:

Regarding farmers:
I’m sorry that farmers have minted your POAPs :frowning:
POAP.Delivery is a good option, but it’s important that you collect not only the addresses of the participants, but also ask a difficult question that only the attendees can answer.
You can also mark your event as private, so farmers don’t know that you are distributing a POAP.

For future drops, please contact our Customer Support team before creating the drop petition-- you can chat with them via the chat bubble at the POAP website: https://poap.xyz/

Additionally, these resources may be helpful:

The POAP Curation Body

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