#25797 - Sketchy Ape Book Club Minting Marathon - SECOND REQUEST!

Application for this POAP was made 2-2-22. First request for it to be approved and sent was made 2-4-22. This is the second request for the curation board to look at and approved this POAP, even though the event is now over. Please respond.

If there is something that didn’t meet standards, please let me know so we can do better for the next one.
Thank you for your assistance.

:wave: Laina

Sent you an email. please check your inboxes!
I will post final Curation comments on this discourse thread :thread:

I don’t have anything in inbox or junk mail. I even added a second email to account just to ensure connectivity to this discourse, which worked well. Still not seeing anything from you. What am I missing?

I have checked Inbox and Junk Mail with no messages. I literally have no idea where I went wrong on requesting the POAP or how long is a reasonable time for curation response next time. Will you be posting the final curation comments thread soon?


We apologize for the delay. You should have an email now.

Curation is/was concerned with your method of distribution for the # of codes you request.
How do you intend to distribute your codes?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body


Please let me know as soon as possible, so we can expedite resolving this petition for you.

There was a miscommunication on our part. We sorry for the lapse in communication.

Wishing you all the best!!

Well, thank you for responding. This process that I had expected to take 24 hours and allowed 4 days for is now going on a full week. Now I know.

The answer to the concern that I evidentially didn’t make clear in the initial application is - tokens would be distributed in the Sketchy Ape Book Club discord Sketchy Ape Book Club
In the holder only section, so only holders of the NFT could mint a POAP.


For discord distribution you need to utilize the Degen Discord bot

We recommend + typically require it based on the drop.

The Curation Body is continuously working on improving the discourse experience for all issuers.

We appreciate you understanding.

Let me know if you have any more questions.