#25677 - Luna Puan | 1000 Puan |

Hey, I couldn’t get a reply so I am reposting my conversation:

First message:

POAP’s will be distributed to the Luna DAO community (The first ever Turkish DAO) where we aim to educate Turkish people about blockchain technology.

These POAP’s are distributed to active community members for their contributions.

There are many community members waiting for their POAP’s, so I would really appreciate your help.

Also, we have different kinds of points to reward each community member. Therefore I have issued 9 POAP’s in total with different images, serving the same goal. I would really appreciate if you could approve all of these POAP’s (event id’s below):

  1. #25676 - Luna Puan | 10000 Puan | Ocak
  2. #25674 - Luna Puan | 4000 Puan | Ocak
  3. #25675 - Luna Puan | 2000 Puan | Ocak
  4. #25677 - Luna Puan | 1000 Puan | Ocak
  5. #25678 - Luna Puan | 500 Puan | Ocak
  6. #25680 - Luna Puan | 300 Puan | Ocak
  7. #25681 - Luna Puan | 200 Puan | Ocak
  8. #25682 - Luna Puan | 100 Puan | Ocak
  9. #25683 - Luna Puan | 50 Puan | Ocak

Distribution Method: Manual
Date: February 1, 2022

I have gone through the process of issuing the same 9 POAP’s a month ago with different images, and they were accepted quite fast, so I am unsure as to why these weren’t. Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

The POAP Team response:


Hey @jeff

The curation team has reviewed your request and concluded that this is not an acceptable usage of POAP, as you’re not hosting an event to make this moment memorable.

Please read our [Quality Guidelines] we’d be happy to see you issuing more POAP drops for your community in the near future.

The POAP Curation Body

My response:

Hey @Fio, thanks for your quick response!

I’m sorry if I was being unclear, these POAP’s are rewarded to community members that attended our monthly community event. We called it “Sezon 0 | Ocak” which means "Season 0 | January. The reason there are different points is because different individuals contributed in different levels. So while some people were the organizers and the main speakers, others were only in the call for a few minutes. So the amount of points an individual receives depend on their level of contribution to the community call. I hope that makes more sense and is a clearer explanation.

Best regards,

Hoping to hear back from you soon as our community is really excited about receiving their POAP’s. If there is any information that you would like to receive I would love to provide some answers



We responded the original post, I’m going to close this one.