#25677 - Luna Puan | 1000 Puan | Ocak (New Petition)


Luna DAO is the first ever Turkish DAO, aiming to increase blockchain awareness in Turkey. (https://twitter.com/LunaDAO_)

This POAP was supposed to be distributed to community members who attended and participated in our “DAO Talks” event. We host "DAO talks’ once every two weeks where we talk about different aspects of DAO’s. (https://twitter.com/LunaDAO_/status/1488406766324903936)

This particular event was indeed a special one as this time around, it wasn’t the founding team that talked about their experiences but it was rather the community members themselves that shared their stories and experiences regarding Luna DAO.

Since some members of the community shared their stories and were very attentive in the event they will receive a POAP with higher points and vice versa. So, depending on their activity in the event they will receive the corresponding POAP (I have a list of all individuals that attended and how much they participated in the event, outlined through our frameworks). The POAP’s for this event are:

  1. #25676 - Luna Puan | 10000 Puan | Ocak
  2. #25674 - Luna Puan | 4000 Puan | Ocak
  3. #25675 - Luna Puan | 2000 Puan | Ocak
  4. #25677 - Luna Puan | 1000 Puan | Ocak
  5. #25678 - Luna Puan | 500 Puan | Ocak
  6. #25680 - Luna Puan | 300 Puan | Ocak
  7. #25681 - Luna Puan | 200 Puan | Ocak
  8. #25682 - Luna Puan | 100 Puan | Ocak
  9. #25683 - Luna Puan | 50 Puan | Ocak

Distribution Method:

I created the POAP before the event in order to distribute the codes manually after the event took place.
However, the event was negatively reviewed and therefore I didn’t receive the codes in time (still haven’t received them). The community is very anxious and are still waiting for their POAP’s which is putting a lot of pressure on me to be able to deliver their POAP’s.

Since I have a list of all the individuals (and their Discord names) that attended the event, I will be able to distribute the codes on a one by one basis from private messages which will prevent any leakages. No one will have any extra codes to leak. Every attendee will only receive one code for their own POAP.


I have all the documents and information regarding my petition that will prove that the request for the POAP is within your guidelines. If there is any proof that you would like to see, please let me know and I will gladly share it with you. It has been a rough process of trying to get these codes, so I will really appreciate it if you could help out.


Hey @jeff
Thanks for submitting new petitions to review.
Can you please provide the new event IDs so we can check the status?

The POAP Curation Body

Hey @Fio,

Thanks for your quick response!

Should I create a replica event for all the POAP’s and share with you those new event ID’s?

Hey @Fio

Still waiting for a reply, I have been dealing with this issue for more than a week. Please allow me to have better customer support with shorter waiting times. I understand that you do all reviews manually and it take a lot of time and I appreciate that.

However, as you can tell I’ve been waiting for a resolution of this issue for more than a week. So please, help me out

Hey @jeff
Sorry for the late reply, your case take longer to review. As your previous petitions were negatively reviewed, you should create new ones.

Please add in the description the link of the event, so Curators can check that you hosted an event for your community.

The POAP Curation Body