#25673 - First Wicked Warzone Tournament


I created an event hoping to make secret codes last night and i accidentally requested links be sent to me. I have been trying to get the secret codes approved but was informed the best route was to create a new event. I did that a bit ago and am waiting on the codes to be approved again! The event is in a few hours and it would be incredible if you could take a look and push it through :pray:

This is wicked cranium’s first gaming tournament, all projects and all platforms are welcome as they battle for a cranium and merch. All participants will be receiving a POAP, I am requesting codes because I do not want our mods sending out links on discord and the amount of people they would have to reach out to would be inefficient.

Thank you for your time!


Hey @carusosmissing,
Your drop was reviewed with a positive outcome ! :slight_smile:
Have fun in your gaming tournament :video_game:
But - If this is really only for participants, it would be better to use the mint links to ensure that only participants get your POAP.
Even if you only share it with participants, someone from them could accidentally or intentionally leak the secret word :frowning:

Thank you! I appreciate the super fast help and response, your team is great!

The skulls will have a blast for sure and are super excited for the POAP, I would be terrible but will probably still download and get rekt for the fun of it if I finish up some other stuff.

I totally feel you on the vulnerability, given all the multi platform corralling the mods are doing with this I really didn’t want to ask them to send all of these links individually. We’re leaking the secret code in the actual warzone lobby and game and then going to send it to ppl who missed via discord DM’s, I think everyone feels better c/p’ing a secret code rather than clicking a link on discord these days!

Again, really appreciate the help. Thank you from all of Wicked Craniums, we love POAPs!

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