#25547 - AKITA 1st Birthday & CNY DAO AMA

We never received any codes for this event. I don’t see how many codes were requested, but now it is clear we only need a total of 25 codes.
(There was a separate POAP event #25541 created with incorrect artwork, which was marked private, and those codes have never been distributed. That event could be deleted if necessary.)
Web: https://akita.network
Twitter event notice: https://twitter.com/AKITA_network/status/1488230474950524928


The Curation Body will have an answer for you shortly!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thank you. I would also note that the expiration on the event is coming up very soon, so I’d want to make sure people could still claim the POAP for a short period of time once I can send out codes/URLs to attendees.

Hi, yesterday I received the codes, but as of this morning they were invalid. Can the codes be reactivated so they can actually be used?

Hi @frankie Just wanted to bring this up in your queue. There’s no way to actually use the codes I received.


Please request a top-up for the amount of codes you were approved for.
( Through the same port, you requested to mint the POAPs in https://app.poap.xyz/

@frankie Thank you, but it does not allow me to edit this expiry date. I’ve tried again, but it continues to produce this error: EDITION_EXPIRED

Hey @WryRyeRy

In that case we suggest re-submitting your petition (we can’t reactivate the codes).

How do you plan to distribute the mint links?

Thanks @Fio - so I can resubmit the artwork, descriptions, etc as a new Event? Do I need to do anything to close out #25547?

For distribution, I would like to take the 25 unique links and share directly with the Telegram users who were present at the event. I’d also like to make it a relatively short claim window of 1 week.

Don’t worry about #25547, there’s nothing else to do with that petition.

Regarding the new petition you’re planning, it’s ok to share the mint links by DM to the Telegram users in case you have the list of the attendees. Please go ahead and request a new petition :slight_smile:


Going to close out this petition due to inactivity. Please respond if you need further accommodation .