#25473 amg dao ama

Hello Team,

I’d like to have the following drop approved, for our first Ask Me Anything event we’ve held on 4th February, but it has not been approved previously. I believe we’ve corrected all the issues you’ve had with the drop, including the social links on our website.

Please feel free to contact me on Discord as well if you need further proof of legitimacy, our discord is available through our website and please message theEmperor (niftymark#1124).

POAP for the community meeting held on 04 FEB 2022.

Currently we have 12,900 members in the guild, therefore we requested 1000 codes, if possible.

Thank you

Hey @niftymark,

Have you submitted a new drop petition? Can you provide the event ID so we can check the status?

Also, any other information regarding the distribution method will be helpful for the Curation Body to review your petition.

The POAP Curation Body

Hello @Fio ,

Yes I did, apologies if I did it wrong, I’m quite new to this…

We’d like to distribute over a website:
Poap website: amgdaoama

The Event ID is:

Hey @niftymark,

I’m sorry, but #25473 has been already negatively reviewed.
Would you mind submitting a new petition for your event?
Please remember to follow the guidelines and don’t share your POAP website here, as it’s a public forum and your POAPs could be leaked.

The POAP Curation Body