#25463 Cyberkongz $BANANA v2 migration vote

Description - POAP for participating and voting on $BANANA V2 Migration - The Future of the CyberKongz 2D/3D universe
Distribution method: Snapshot voting Plugin.
Start date:2022-01-31 (snapshot proposal is live)
End Date: 2022-02-09

Our new upcoming Jungle Adventure Play & Kollect experience requires a full update to the $BANANA token contract, and an additional premint of $BANANA to supply to seasonal prize pool. In order to help engage the community and drive voting engagement we would like to reward our community with a Cyberkongz POAP badge.

Event ID: #25463
Proposal link: Snapshot

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberKongz

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Hey @sebs,
Your event got linked to your proposal ! :slight_smile: