#25387 Tracer Drop Call #17: Intellectual Property In DeFi and The Crypto Economy (01-Feb-2022) UTC

Hey POAP.xyz Team,

The intended use of this POAP is for listeners to the Tracer DAO community to claim POAPs for their attendance.

Date & Time of the drop:
01-Feb-2022 / 9:30pm UTC (02-Feb-2022 / 7:30am AEST)

Plan to distribute:
We plan on giving out a typeform to our listeners to fill up and provide their public wallet ETH addresses and input those in the POAP Deliveries system to send to respective claimers.

How many expected claimers:
We request about 250 POAPs

Thank you very much. Hope this helps!

Hey @TracerDAO!
Congrats, your drop was reviewed with positive results.
Thanks for contributing to POAP!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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