#25187 NFT Artist solo exhibition 4 Feb (Urgent)

Hello, POAP Team.

I got rejected on my last drop request.
I informed my team and my NFT club that do not abuse or giveaway the POAP codes.
My team NFT artists fully aware of it and we do not encourage POAP farming.

My club exhibition is now on the Korean Public News and we have mentioned POAP as well. It’s on the public media and people are started to look into the POAP.

I am so proudly promote the POAP system in South Korea and my club need your POAP code drop confirm.
We have planned solo exhibition almost everyday and each NFT artists are looking forward to receive the POAP code.

I don’t know how to get confirmed on this NFT solo exhibition POAP request when it is legit event and we do need POAP code.

We do not encourage POAP farming. We do not giveaway POAP to un-attendees.
Please help us to run the NFT offline exhibition smoothly.
POAP public news have spreaded among the community and the POAP is not ready for the exhibition — this is really ashame for us.

This is the exhibition schedule link below.

I have requested many events and still waiting for the approval.

These are also the NFT solo exhibition, I already posted them earlier but have not received.
They are all listed on our NFT exhibition.

Please, we are fully aware of POAP farming issue and we do not encourage POAP farming and promise to give them to event attendees ONLY.

If you need an interview on my NFT exhibition, my Discord ID is

You can DM me or invite me for the event interview.