#25187 code request

NFT Solo exhibition POAP Request
4 Feb 2022
One day solo NFT exhibition
10:30 - 19:00
including instagram live docent as well

QR code is used for offline visitors
POAP code is used for instagram live streaming visitors

If possible can I have this event code please?
going to have this event soonโ€ฆ

Hey @GreatCarls,

The curation team made a negative review of your petition.

It was noted that your latest drops may have experienced some farming issues.

For your community & ours farming doesnโ€™t add value.
Farmers are only after Free NFTs, they add no community value or engagement. We want to make sure POAPs only are given to true community members & actual participants.

Please check this document to learn more about the subject: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops

The POAP Curation Body