#25085 Kwenta protocols 2nd community call

Date: January 20th
Event ID : #25085
Description: Kwenta Community Call where we discussed development updates, the new UI revamp, announced subDAO winners and unveiled the sovereignty phase.

We requested 0 codes, we would like to whitelist addresses and have them claimed by attendees

Hey @Mroy301
Cool, thanks for submitting your petition.

Have you already set up your delivery request? Here’s a step by step guide.

The Curation Body

I tried it gives an error saying “failed to fetch”. I don’t think the event has been approved yet.

Please advise

Thank you

Hey, sorry for that.
Can you please contact the POAP Customer Support team? You can chat with them on the POAP website, using the chat bubble.

The POAP Curation Body

We got it sorted out yesterday morning, thanks. I created a new even, #25356 and successfuly setup the delivery method. I need to include 1 extra address for distribution but when I try to add it to my delivery I get “invalid secret code” I used the code that was sent for my event creation does this code not work for editing deliveries ? If so where do I get the secret code to edit a delivery (add an address )

Thanks in advance

Hey @Mroy301

Due to how delivery works, it is not possible to add new addresses. You can however create a new delivery with only the new addresses. Use the same event ID as the previous one.

The POAP Curation Body