#24960 BanklessDAO #1 New Joiners Session

GM!! Am requesting approval for the following event. Thank you! :blush:

Name: BanklessDAO #1 New Joiners Session

Event ID: 24960


New to BanklessDAO and want to learn how you may start your exciting journey to be a contributor and valued member of the BanklessDAO community? We welcome you to join us for the New Joiners Session happening once every two weeks to find out how you may dive deeper into DAOlife and grow with us!

This POAP is awarded to participants of the #1 New Joiners Session held on ZOOM.

POAP artwork is by Perchy, much loved for his Chippis, which are adopted by many familiar faces in BanklessDAO, and the Bankless Locations NFTs.

Join the BanklessDAO Discord at: BanklessDAO

Date: 26 January 2022

Codes requested: 35

Distribution method: Manual/DEGEN

Hey @Asturias!
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Your drop was reviewed with positive results.
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