#24823 - CHINESE NEW YEAR - LowPoly Store x Boson Protocol [Year of the Tiger]

Hi everyone!

I have created today a new POAP event for Chinese New Year in Decentraland. A big event in collaboration with Boson Protocol and LowPoly Store. I’ve rquested 5000 POAPs but I’ve only received 1000 POAPs. It is possible to receive more?

This is not the first event in LowPoly Store, and in every of them we distributed more than 1000 POAPs in a few hours. In this case the event will be active for two weeks and that’s why we need at least 5000 POAPs.

These are the latest POAP events we did in LowPoly Store:

And probably I’ll request more POAPs if all 5000 codes will be distributed!

Thank you so much!

Hi @AlexArcher
Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results.
I see you were approved for 1000 out of 5000 codes.
Before we issue more codes for your drop, we love to know that those first 1000 were put to good use. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors, in celebration of a special shared memory. Properly honor those first 1000 & the Curation Body will consider your request for additional codes.

The POAP Curation Body

Hi @Fio. Thanks to answer me.

This event will be really huge as every other event we create around the metaverse. I’ll send this 1000 POAPs in less than 20 minutes and I’ll need to request more. It is possible to receive the others now.

We were creating POAP event more than a year ago.


Hey @AlexArcher,
We reviewed your case and gave you the full amount :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much team!