#24814 - TWW NFT Talk Ep. 1 (10/2/2022)

Hello POAP team!

I’m new to the POAP scene but I’ve been tasked to create a POAP for our upcoming talk show, TWW NFT Talk Ep. 1. The talk show will be on twitter spaces where everyone can join for free! This will be the very first Indonesian Web3 talk hosted by the community, for the community.

Event ID: #24814
Title: TWW NFT Talk Ep. 1 - 2022
Date: 10th of February 2022
Codes Requested: 1000
Distribution: Secret Code

I understand that 1000 secret codes are a lot - but we are expecting an audience for the talk show as one of the hosts has a huge following on Instagram and Twitter. The code will be mentioned during our Twitter space to ensure only attendees can claim them!

This is the link for the official event
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cipcity/status/1486238923638833153

I hope to hear from the team soon, many thanks!

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Been working with them throughout the Issuer process, Keeping an eye out on the progress!
Thanks Curation team :smile: :peace_symbol:

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