#24676 Gro Community Call 27 Jan 2022

Event ID : #24676
Description: Gro Community Call with the core team and G-Force - decentralized marketing team
Number of codes requested: 100
Event link: Community call
Discord: Gro
Distribution method: Degen bot

Hey POAP team :wave:

We’re having a community call tomorrow 27.01 - as our last week’s POAP distribution (organised by
our decentralized marketing team called G-Force) has been very well received, we’d like to continue this tradition and distribute POAP to those who’ll attend the call.

We previously distributed POAPs to the participants of our token launch in collaboration with our partners as well as to early users of our new product Labs.


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Hello Joyce,

We reviewed your request positively just now!
Have fun during the event.

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Hello @kevster.eth

Our event ends up with 184 participants! Could I have another 84 POAP links please?

Many thanks!

Hi Joyce,

You can request more codes via the original mail you got.
If you need any help with that let me know :+1:

Many thanks Kevster! Just requested more links - appreciate your help :purple_heart:


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