#24646 - MetricsDAO x Harmony: Data Curator (Drop Date: 2022-01-26 Today)

The POAP recognizes the work of anyone who curated data during the MetricsDAO Harmony event.

Codes will be distributed manually.

Hi Gabriel,

Pretty cool usecase for POAP!
Could you tell me when the event starts? I might be able to give this a priority if it’s urgent. Same as in the previous event, please consider making the request a bit more in advance next time :wink:

Kevin from the Curation Body

Again, thanks for reviewing these on short notice. We are scheduled to meet with our Harmony team at 6:30 pm EST (GMT-5).

Perfect, I’ll make sure it gets done in advance. 6:30pm EST is pretty far off.
In my time zone it is already noon so I was a bit worried.