#24443 - Adam Bomb Squad's BOMB TALK: The Art of Collaboration with Betty (Deadfellaz), Waheed Zai (Smilesss) and Steven Rea (BRAiN VOMiT)

Event ID: #24443
Bobby Hundreds, co-founder & legendary streetwear designer of The Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad, was joined by Betty of Deadfellaz, Waheed Zai of Smilesss and Steven Rea of BRAiN VOMiT.

BOMB TALK streamed via Twitter Spaces on January 24, 2022 at 4PM PST.

Featured Bomb: Betty’s Talkie Adam #12799 on the Athletic Heather background. It’s no surprise why Betty picked this bomb out for herself. It’s an instant all-around classic combining both foundations of streetwear and animation. A perfect bomb for our new “roaring 20’s”. Now let’s see if the Charleston will make a comeback.

Date: January 24, 2022
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Hey, heads up - this got a positive review several minutes ago!

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Sure, would love to give insight and see how we can change our process if necessary. For all our POAP’s we “password-protect” a google form. We leave the submissions open for a bit following the talk and then we setup a delivery. Once delivery is approved, we go ahead and announce on our socials that POAP’s are now live to claim for those that entered. The password is given out during the talk not shared on our socials because we setup a poap website once that was immediately mostly used by bots before anyone go to them. Last night’s Bomb Talk had more than 1,300 rotating listeners. Saw the influx of submissions every time we’d announce the code. It was announced twice. Our average is usually in the 300-500 range but given that this talk had Adam Bomb Squad as well as three other projects involved I’m assuming is what drove the numbers.