#24369 VeeGinaz- January- Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

Tell Me Something Good Tuesday is a weekly prompt within the VeeGinaz Discord community. The goal is to pause once a week and engage with one another in a positive way. Each week, the prompt shifts so that we can spread gratitude around fiercely while providing support for one another.

This POAP was issued to those within the community who took time to participate in this important event during the month of January. Each POAP was delivered manually to participants via Direct Message. We believe that POAPs provide an opportunity to celebrate community engagement during significant events. TMSG Tuesday is one of those events for the VeeGinaz community.

VeeGinaz was created in July of 2021 when Alissa Jordan, Sara Jones, and Amanda DiGuardia went into their own room on CH to discuss how tired they were of the bro culture within the NFT space. They were constantly being spoken over and frustrated that many female community member’s projects were being overlooked and ignored. What started out as the 3 people making jokes about all of this and complaining, grew legs, FAST! Many other women in the community felt the same way and asked them to make our club more formal. HERE WE ARE! 3 VeeFriends who decided to create a show and a COMMUNITY! WELCOME TO VEEGINAZ!

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Hey Schmupergirl,

Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results.
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