#24354 - Tech Circus - Web 3

Following on from the Tech Circus Enter The metaverse & NFT event We have our new Web 3 online conference. We would like to issue people 1 code per registared email address post event. The event is on 26th & 27th Jan hopefully I can get the codes all sorted in time. https://www.web3conference.io/

First time doing it on the new system here. Hopefully I have included all the info required. 3500 codes requested.

Hello BritishGuy,

Your event got a positive review and you should have received the requested amount of mint links!

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Thanks for using POAP,
Kevster from the Curation Body

Thanks Kev have introduced myself :slight_smile: Looking forward to working together going forward.


Hi Kevster,

Quick update how can I please request some more codes we just went north of 4300 attendees so will require some more POAP codes for the email send out can we please request another 1500 ontop of what we already have please ? Obviously not ever attendee will claim but it would be great to at least get then their invite code in the mail send out on friday :slight_smile: Thanks for your help

You can request more mint links from the same event ID.
Thereโ€™s a button for that in the e-mail you initially got.

Ok will take a look after this call thanks for the update