#24340 - DeFridays with Index Coop - Maple Finance

Hi POAP team,

Name: DeFridays with Index Coop - Maple Finance

Event ID: 24340


I have created a POAP for attendees to my DeFridays twitter spaces event where we interview founders of DeFi protocols. we make crypto index products & are interviewing the founders of the protocols that makeup the index.

My community team is collecting the eth addresses of attendees by having them manually submit their addresses to our team & we will redeem them for them. I just need the redeem codes sent to my email crews@indexcoop.com.

I originally requested 50, then asked for more. 100 should do.



Tight :sunglasses: Been working with this Issuer on Intercom. Please take a peek of this @curators
He is a returning Familiar Issuer and I’ve been guiding him throughout the new Issuer process!


accidentally posted code publicly to this spaces event last week, so we manually collected addresses from attendees & are going to manually claim poap for them now. still waiting on codes.

@frankie could you please approve this one — has been like 4 days now. i have a list of eth addresses ready to receive; event was last week.

we have a series interviewing a new protocol every week & im afraid people will flood poap with support requests if they collect this weeks & are still missing last weeks.


If this is Chavis, you did not respond to my last email. :frowning:

We understand that review can be frustrating process. Thank you for your patience :pray:

Please be cordial & respectful with POAP Staff.

Taking a look & reviewing your drop.

We appreciate your concern. Thanks for looking out & being proactive.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

this is not Chavis, i know him tho. could you please email codes to crews@indexcoop.com?

it has been like 6 days & i still havent gotten the poaps. i have a bunch of eth addresses & am ready to distribute manually @frankie @dyllon

@Steve is there anyone that can send me the codes for this event??

am starting to get tons of DMs from people starting to freak out after not getting their poap still 1 week after the event


We are happy to help:

Submit 24340 - DeFridays with Index Coop - Maple Finance as a POAP delivery.
(#24340 - DeFridays with Index Coop - Maple Finance)

→ We should be able to process your request after you have done so.

All the best
The POAP Curation Body

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@frankie cc @dyllon

the poap delivery request keeps failing to fetch. it is two weeks later from the event, people still do not have their POAPs, and I get DMs everyday about “where is my poap? did i do something wrong?”

Index Coop has built a large marketing campaign around driving folks to come to our DeFriday twitter spaces every week & collect all POAPs in a 12-week campaign & it is all collapsing around this POAP support.

107 people claimed their POAP, and I need 1 delivered to each wallet. could you escalate this & get the POAPs delivered for us, or at the very least deliver the codes to my crews@indexcoop.com email as we asked 2 weeks ago & I can manually claim each one?

this spreadsheet has each wallet address that claimed a DeFriday Maple POAP for event #24340 Maple DeFridays - Google Sheets

for reference, here is the info I used to [try to] create the delivery.

eventID: 24340
deliveryURL: defridaymaple
Card & Page Title: DeFridays with Index Coop Maple Finance
Card & Page Text: This POAP was distributed to those in attendance of Index Coop’s DeFridays highlighting Maple Finance in January 2022.
metadata title: defriday-maple-001
metadata description: This POAP was distributed to those in attendance of Index Coop’s DeFridays highlighting Maple Finance in January 2022.

image URL: https://assets.poap.xyz/defridays-maple-finance-2022-logo-1643008620662.png
page title image: DeFridayMaple


Creating deliveries can sometimes be cumbersome. We apologize for the technical issues.

Curators are handling this issue directly → I will post an update when resolved.

Curation will create this delivery for you + send out the POAPs to your addresses.

We will also coordinate with you to make sure you have no difficulties in the future.

All the best
The POAP Curation Body

Hey @theyoungcrews!

I have gone ahead and set up a POAP.delivery for you with the information you provided and added the addresses you shared. You send anyone who needs to claim their POAP here!

We sincerely apologize for the confusion to date, and thanks for your patience as we try to sort out an overwhelm of petitions.

We’d like to help make sure all of your future drops go well in whatever capacity we can. Is there anything else we can clarify on the best way to execute the kind of drop you’re doing every Friday?

thanks for pushing this delivery through for us. have the poaps been issued to the addresses provided, or we have to go in & manually claim them 1 by 1 or contact the individuals to claim?

is there a way the POAPs can be pushed to all addresses provided?

Hey @theyoungcrews – unfortunately, there is no way to do that automatically. Each participant will have to go and input their address in order to claim their POAP!

You can, of course, do this on their behalf since you have the list of addresses