#24327 DAS | IDEA BOOM! - Round 3 - 1/12/22

This POAP is for attendees who participate in the “IDEA BOOM” Event. “IDEA BOOM” Event Round 2 is held in DAS Twitter. “IDEA BOOM” Event is a series of events organized by the community to listen to and collect feedback/suggestions from the community members and to unite them to build a better DAS ecosystem together. Each week we will launch a different topic for discussion. The topic of this round is about “application scenario”.

To avoid spamming, we selected 50 interesting and manually collected their ETH addresses to distribute IDEA BOOM! - Round 3 POAPs.

Then we collected 46 addresses, and create the delivery.

This request is for 46 poap.delivery claims. Delivery: #1122

Hey @Mancy ! Thanks for submitting a petition with us.

I see your petition was submitted 21 minutes ago. Just letting you know we’re taking a look now at your drop request and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience .

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Hey @Mancy !.

Congratulation! Your petition has been positive and your full amount of 46 has been supplied. - Best of luck with your event! If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out.


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