#24323 - Jike x DAS Exclusive POAP

Event ID: 24323
Description: Jike x DAS Exclusive POAP
All successful DASer participants on the Jike app will receive this exclusive POAP.
Date: 1/24 - 1/26
Codes requested: 500(addresses)
Distribution method: Manual distribution


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Hey @west_das
Could you please provide more information on what your community is doing?
If you have any links, socials, or more event info, it would be most appreciated.

We are striving to create the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories.
This info will help us serve the Web 3.0 community more reliably.

Wishing you the best with your drop!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hey, @Fio

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system. DAS’s goal is to bring DID to everyone.

DAS provides a globally unique account system with the .bit suffix. It can be used to receive crypto assets and NFTs, as a log-in credential for Dapps, a personal website portal (.bit.cc), or as an NFT. It works with any public chain address or even email. You can use your ETH/TRX/BSC/Polygon and any other public chain address to register, manage and own an .bit account, with 0 gas fee.

hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, :rocket::full_moon:.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DID.ID accounts.

In the first 6 months upon launch, DAS has seen over 25k unique addresses registered with 57k accounts. Major Wallets and dApps such as TokenPocket, imToken, HyperPay, Huobi Wallet, Alpha Wallet, BitKeep, NFTGO, NFTSCAN, WePiggy, YokaiSwap etc. have integrated the DAS SDK. users can transfer any digital currency by entering .bit directly into these wallets.

More info:
Website: https://da.systems
Discord: DAS Community
Twitter: @realDASystems
Medium: dasystems
note:the system reminds new users that they can only have 2 links

DAS community has posted several POAPs before, pls check:
#13498 - DASer Change Twitter Nickname Challenge Events POAP
#16537 - DAS Community’s First Event POAP
#17660 - DAS Community Contributors POAP
#19979 - DAS Community Evangelist POAP
#20002 - DAS Community Christmas POAP

DAS has also previously released a feature on displaying POAP!

DAS has integrated POAP!

You can now show all your #POAPs in your http://bit.cc NFT Gallery.

hi, @Fio
this event is coming to an end and users are all looking forward to this POAP.
I haven’t received a reply yet, are there any other questions?

All the best

hi, @kevster.eth @Bose99 @Fio
pls help review it as soon as possible, our event has ended, many users are already very excited about this POAP!

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Hey @west_das

Thanks for the POAP integration on your product.

As to make a decision, we still need more information about the event. Do you have any screenshots or links to the event? How do you plan to distribute, since it’s a past event.


hi, @Fio

Sure, our event link: 向站长West.bit: 🎙Hey,各位即友 🎉为庆祝 Jike & DAS 相互集成完毕,即友专属有奖活动来啦 ⏰活动时间:1月20日0点~1月26日24点 🎁活动奖品:专属 POAP 及空投 .bit 帐号 📮获得专属 POAP 的规则(限量300个,先到先得): ✅将即刻的昵称改为你的 .bit 帐号,或者在你原有的昵称后面加上 .bit,或是在 Yellow Pa - J站

this event was originally planned to send only 300 POAPs, but we ended up with more than 500 participating users, as we finally requested 500 POAPs considering that some users were not expected to be contacted.

We have team members on our side who will send the link to the POAP recipient one by one.


Jike app is a social platform for young people, with tens of millions of users in China, including hundreds of thousands of web3 users, and a very strong influence.

Hi @west_das

Issuers cannot use POAPs to drive user engagement ahead of time.
You may only offer a POAP to reward organic engagement after the fact.

Please note this for future drops.

All the best
The POAP Curation Body

Additionally & unfortunately this drop was reviewed with negative results.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body