#24287 Seize The Spotlight Fashion Show

i received my initial 100 poap codes, but had requested 500 for the event. The email I received said that I would be receiving 500 shortly, but have not received the additional 400. Event starts in 5.5 hours. Can someone look at this for me?


Hey reviewing your request, we will get back shortly.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

thanks so much @frankie


You description & drop could adhere better to POAP guidelines.
This likely why your drop was approved for 100/500

> ! For your community & ours farming doesn’t add value!

Also, how do you intent to distribute codes for your event?
We want to make sure POAPs only are given to true community members & actual participants.

Please take a look at the following guide :

Check out all the resources available at the POAP Help Center

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

ok no problem, I can update the description and drop. I am going to be dropping some links into my stream as I will be live streaming the event on twitch and allowing participants that are at the actual event to claim the poap. I also have a team of 5 mods and MetaParty is hosting the event as well, they also have a team that can assist w distribution of actual participants at the event.

I updated the description

oh and I will calling out to attendees of the event via in game voice chat, directing them into a specific channel in my discord to claim the poap. so only people who are at the actual event will be able to hear me and respond to that.

also this event is a Fashion Show hosted by Meta Party in Decentraland MetaVerse in collaboration w the Rich Homie Gang

RichHomieNFT Twitter

There will be attendees and participants which both will be eligible for the POAP

as stated I have a team that will help distribute POAP to both attendees and participants of the event which will also be live streamed on Twitch through my channel Twitch

My event starts in a few hours so hoping to have these approved by then!!

we will doing distribution by calling out to in game players to come into the discord to retrieve their poap also manually sending to players via dm in discord that we confirm are at the event this party is hosted by Meta Party https://twitter.com/RezinatorDCL

@frankie can you take a look at this for me?? we are starting in a few hours

if possible I could settle with maybe 350 total so 250 additional?? is that possible and more manageable?

any additional would be very helpful!