#24257 LAPLAP (Test POAP.Deli)

Hello Im new to POAP. testing out the delivery feature ! I have requested a low amount of codes for this reason.

Event ID#:24257
Description:LAPLAP Initiator POAP benefits:
1. Rights to join the closed beta test of our upcoming product
2. Limited souvenirs and gifts
3. Participated in LAPLAP ecological construction with Initiator tag
Codes Requested: 10?
Distribution Method: POAP delivery
delivery ID:#1126

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截屏2022-01-25 上午11.36.39
and view Delivery details website can’t work

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Hello @curators !
I have been guiding them throughout the Issuer Process and they’d like to test the POAP.deli method!

Hope this communicates through :slight_smile:

Hello baozi,

Test POAPs are usually reviewed positively, however this event also had a request that asked for 100 mint links. That drop request was reviewed negatively because the POAP did not represend a real event. This led us to believe the intention of this event was not a test.

A test POAP should have a low amount of requested links/addresses. And it should have an indication of being a test in the title/description and or artwork.

Kevster from the Curation Body

How can I delete the events and POAP delivery I have posted?

No need to, you can just create a new one.
Just don’t use the same event ID as previous requests