#24116 AEX Community Program 2022 January 19,2022

Event ID: 24116
Description: Thank you for participating in the first-time AEX user researching quiz, this is also our first POAP release to prove that you have participated in our campaign. AEX thanks for your support !Happy New Year!
Date: 1/13-1/19,2022
Codes requested: 200
Distribution method: manual distribution.

Our Activity URL:https://twitter.com/aexplus/status/1481524744818413570

WHY do we want the POAP?
We would appreciate it if you would accept our application. POAPs will be given as a gift to our users, it would be great if they are involved in the community, participating in friendly interactions and constructive discussions, it’s not a prize, it’s a memorable souvenir, a community builder identity and honor.

After you give us the received link, we will claim all 200 POAPs first, and we’ll distribute them to the users’ addresses that we collected in the Google list.

Hey @manman1204,
Your event does not comply to our guidelines. We don’t allow POAPs to be used solely as engagement farming.
Please see here for more information on our guidelines

Hey HeuRea.
I have tried many times. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass POAP’s review. We want to let users express their suggestions for us through events and through forms. I hope POAP will review our events again and look at the posters I designed specifically and the forms. I might lose my job because of this and I hope someone can help me.Our event is really not an engagement farming.

There are 193 users who provided positive suggestions in this event.

I would like you to review our event, I need this job, thank you!