24110 - CryptoSkulls Fireside Chat with Founder Alex Slayer

Gm POAP community!

After our hugely successful last POAP drop (thank you so much for your help!!), the CryptoSkulls team would like to distribute POAPs for our Thursday 20th January Twitter Space.

Event request link: POAP

Like with our previous POAP event, this will use a secret passphrase mentioned during the Twitter event to manually approve POAP requests.

Please find associated bios of the event organisers/co-hosts below:

https://twitter.com/B1ueOrigin 1

Please can the team assist with approving the POAP?

Many thanks!

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Here is evidence of our attendee number on the space just under 5,000, so we are requesting 500 POAP codes - thank you!

thank you for approving this request so quickly!! we really appreicate it

Loved the great event!, attended too

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