#24055 - BoardingBridge Supporters POAP

Dear POAP team.
I requested a claiming website for this POAP.
But can’t access after that.
Is this still under review?

Hey @Taka,
Sorry, it was reviewed with negative results. A POAP.website is not recommended for online events, the amount you requested is also rather large.
Can you tell us more about your community ? The Discord link that was provided is invalid.
And your event is probably already over by now, how are you planning to distribute your POAP ?

Thank you for supporting.

This is our discord community.
There are over 1250 members now.

Honestly, I wanted to distribute this POAP for all member of early participants on our community.
But there are too many people now. SO I’m about to publish the claiming link on discord as FCFS.
Could you cooperate for us, please. It’s like a badge of early supporters for us.