24/1/2022 POAP #24080 - NFT Networking & Shill! Episode 17

Gm POAP team :orange_heart:

We requested the POAP for Our next episode, but haven’t received it yet even though it passed 24h.
On our Podcast there usually over 150 participants! Could you please update us on this case?

Here is the link for the previous one episode (u can play recording too): https://twitter.com/s0meone_u_know/status/1483845254495145984?s=20

Here is the post for the new one: https://twitter.com/s0meone_u_know/status/1484577593068294146?s=20

Also, to solve POAP farming issues, we made a new rule for our community: only users with LVL 5 or above in our discord channel can get a POAP, after having shared a screenshot of our space as a proof that they have attended to the special chat, which is available after LVL5.

We won’t need as many POAPs for the upcoming meetings as we have requested before, since we currently only have around 15 people who are above level 5.

We hope to grow this number of engaged people organically as the time passes. But as of rn, we won’t need 150 POAPs - you can just send us 50 codes.

Hopefully it will help us move forward and solve all the issues we had during the experimentation phase! We are so grateful for the Sources you have provided us before & for working with ur team!

Hey @s0meone_u_know,
Your event was positively reviewed for 50 mint links :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! :orange_heart::four_leaf_clover::purple_heart: