#23980 - DFX x InsureDAO Twitter Spaces | 01 - 21 - 2022


Event ID: #23980

Description: A POAP badge for our Twitter Spaces AMA with InsureDAO. Long description in the event details.
Codes requested: 250
Distribution method: POAP.delivery with BanklessDAO’s DEGEN bot. Fallback: google form.

Hey @0xNegi,
Your drop was positively reviewed.
What do you mean “POAP.delivery with BanklessDAO’s DEGEN bot” ?
The degen bot would not use a POAP.delivery to my knowledge.
Have a look at our distribution methods

@HeuRea hmm, my bad. it would be with mint links then but distributed with BanklessDAO’s DEGEN bot via Twitter DM. They have recently release an update that allows for Twitter Spaces integration.

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