#23847 - Metaverse Amazing New Age - 2022-01-23


Because my last event had an error in the picture, I created a new one. Please do not continue to review the last one.

Our first product went live and we wanted to distribute a few POAPs to early testers as a souvenir.

The threshold for obtaining POAP is to do a series of testing missions including accessing the website. We do not presently develop an automatic POAP distribution system, so to prevent abuse, we will distribute them manually on Twitter.

Thank you for your patient review!

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Hey @Kira,
Your event got a positive review by the curation body.
Are you checking if they are eligible before giving them away on Twitter ?

Thanks, I got codes in my email.

Yes, I will check. There will be a key for the user to keep after the mission is successful. I will develop this feature in the next two days.

In addition, I will develop a POAP distribution system of my own in the future. I’m very happy to see the growth of POAP, it’s a great ecosystem.

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