#23767 NFT FRIENDS GANG Discord Server

Hello Sir,
Would like to request you to Confirm our poap event request with 80codes
This is for our discord family there
Event NO:- #23767
no of codes requested -80
Shantanu Bose

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Hi Bose99,

Could you tell us what exactly the event is that you are celebrating here? And how would you distribute the codes?
This will help us speed up the review process.

Kevin from the Curation Body

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This is virtual event AMA session on our discord server
Nft friends gang
We are going to distribute these poap codes, on one to one basis, to those who attend this AMA SESSION

Would love to give our community members A poap nft


Unfortunatly the request was denied as this POAP didn’t appear to represent an event.
Going forward I propose to enter this AMA session information in the description, and add a date in the artwork. Follow these steps should give you a better chance at getting the POAP approved.

Kevster from the Curation Body

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okay from next time on should take care of this