#23766 XDroids & NFT Art Convo

This POAP is a commemorative celebration of NFT & POAP artists in the metaverse. On 1.20.22 the XDroids Community is hosting a special Discord AMA to talk w/ the artist behind the upcoming XDroids Project. This POAP will be given away in Twitter DM’s for meaningful and positive interaction to those who recognize their favorite NFT artist and share what the art means to them. Way more than a JPEG. Only 100 exclusive POAPS to be given away to real people expressing genuine comments encouraging to the larger NFT Community.

POAP FARMERS will be ignored.

Dr. Malachi


Hello DrMalachi,

The event is currently in review, you should get your codes within 24 hours if the event meets our guidelines.
Hopefully this is still in time for the AMA you are hosting. I’ve added the “in-review” tag to your post.

Kevin from the Curation Body

Hey @DrMalachi,
Just wanted to confirm that your event got a positive review.

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