#23732 - DFX x UMA Twitter Spaces | 01 - 20 - 2022


Event ID: #23732

Description: A POAP badge for yet another Twitter Spaces with UMA. Long description in the event details.
Codes requested: 250
Distribution method: POAP.delivery. Attendees would have to fill out a form and answer a one-question quiz to make sure they were actually there.

Hey @0xNegi ! Thanks for submitting a petition with us.

I see your petition was submitted 27 minutes ago. Just letting you know we’ve taken a look at your drop request and have approved for the full amount.

We appreciate the time and effort you have put into your POAP artwork and assisting us with linking your website, it always makes it easier on our end to review your drop request.


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Hello 0xNegi

You should have received your POAP links by now.
Have fun during the event, thanks for using POAP!

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Thanks @Steve @kevster.eth !! Just a question, I got an email saying my request was approved like a min or so after I posted this thread, does that mean anything? I did introduce myself and our project over at this other thread a few days ago for expedited approvals:

There’s 2 different emails.
One that confirms your event is created, and one where you actually get the links after it is approved by the Curation Body.

Posting here definetly helps speeding up that process (the second mail). But if it was just a minute after it could be just coincidence that someone of the team was reviewing your case already.

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