#23654, #23657, #23658, #23662, #23664, #23665, #23666 - Bancor Snapshot Proposals #01 POAP Collection

Bancor Snapshot Proposals #01 POAP Collection

I’m Tiago, BizDev from the Bancor team. We’ve created a POAP collection for those that vote on proposals on the Bancor Snapshot. The design is based on what type of proposal has been voted on, with 6 main types:

  • Bancor Improvement Proposals.
  • Whitelistings.
  • Trading Liquidity Changes.
  • Liquidity Mining Changes.
  • Fee Changes.
  • Others - special events such as v3 launch, Temperature Checks, etc.

As the POAPs in this collection are only awarded to those that have staked their vBNT in governance and voted on the proposals on Snapshot, I believe it follows the guidelines from Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops.

The Proposals on Snapshot are not promotional activities. Reading our proposals takes time and thus rewarding POAPs isn’t simply a form of engagement farming. Some comments on rewarding voters with POAPs:

  • Snapshot natively supports this feature, and it is used by other DAOs.
  • We don’t allow recently staked vBNT stakers to vote on Snapshot to prevent governance attacks. We also have a 7-day vBNT cooldown period when unstaking from governance. This mechanism prevents POAPs from being farmed using Snapshot.
  • Helps promote governance participation through incentivization (vote and receive an exclusive POAP).
  • Helps prove an individual’s commitment and engagement to Bancor’s future.

Each POAP design is unique and includes:

  • Unique identification numbers.
  • Brief description of the proposal that was voted on.
  • Different icon design depending on the type of proposal.
  • Easter Egg (easy to spot when you collect all the different icon designs).

We aim to create different collections in the future and any project with proposals on Bancor can create an exclusive POAP design just for their proposal.

For the first week of the collection, the following events have been created:

POAP #0001
#23654 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0001 - Change the fee in the ZCN pool from 0.2% to 0.5%
Snapshot ID: 0xd2c9bd58d377c257a098a18043ca6b5e341040580ff85834334a5a77c2c4688a
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0002
#23657 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0002 - Change the fee in the OCEAN pool from 0.2% to 0.5%
Snapshot ID: 0x35aec3ec4dfeb470506111b352fa113c2695356bc9cc372cfec2fa522976252c
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0003
#23658 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0003 - Increase Trading Liquidity to 300K BNT on DDX (DerivaDAO) Pool and Set Pool Fees at 1%
Snapshot ID: 0xefca3e2feb2d1e142672c89de7cc431fc724a28e5d00734fce29a85d32f25dd6
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0004
#23662 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0004 - Proposal to activate LM rewards on the SFI-BNT pool in exchange for SFI buybacks
Snapshot ID: 0x045eee4679957db7f44cc8ead0b203a8aa69ad6400a4ac8526288c79d8afbefb
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0005
#23664 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0005 - Increase the trading liquidity limit in the ENS-BNT pool to 200K BNT
Snapshot ID: 0x07e2bf84727c6353ad9e68926b15d231cf5a3ce64d4dc158f33164bd9c9237b6
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0006
#23665 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0006 - Whitelist AST with 50,000 BNT trading liquidity
Snapshot ID: 0xc2d66ca94a289f85306003a73578f26bc4ea32939e826f1572ccaf9ada4fc3a3
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

POAP #0007
#23666 - Bancor Snapshot Proposal #0007 - Increase INDEX trade fees to 0.5% on Bancor3 only
Snapshot ID: 0x40e4b10e8b477154d28e18a98b9df258cde7bdc1bd89ba0ea327da52ee3aeff4
Snapshot URL: Snapshot

Here are the already revealed POAP icon designs:

Finally, just wanted to conclude by saying we’re big fans of what the POAP team is doing. We had a very successful event at Miami DCentral, where we distributed a Bancor3 announcement POAP to those that attended our booth.

PS: Congrats on the recent fund raise! POAP inc. raises $10M to accelerate human development | by Isabel Gonzalez | POAP | Jan, 2022 | Medium


Hey Tiago, thanks for your support! It’s very appreciated :pray:

POAPs have proven to be a fantastic community-building tool for enhancing engagement and signaling active members. You can add the POAP plugin to reward those who vote on your proposals with a unique POAP.

For the moment, the Curation Body reviewed your drop and concluded that mint links are not the best tool to deliver your POAPs.

If you have any question about the POAP Snapshot plugin, please reach out to customer support via the chat bubble on poap.xyz. You can learn about POAP basics + processes here: POAP Help Center

We wish you the best with future drops!

The Curation Body

Hey @tfns,
This is a beautifully crafted post :slight_smile:
All your events got linked now. Just as a reminder : You don’t need to request mint links when you create an event. Just leave the “amount of codes” field to 0.


Thank you very much!

Noted, thank you!