#23621 - Gro Community Call 21.01

Event ID : #23621
Description: Gro Community Call with the core team and G-Force - decentralized marketing team
Number of codes requested: 100
Event link: Community call
Discord: Gro
Distribution method: Degen bot

Hey POAP team, Alona from Gro protocol here :slight_smile:

We’re having a community call this Friday 21.01 and our decentralized marketing team called G-Force is organizing a POAP to distribute to those who’ll attend the call. We previously distributed POAPs to the participants of our token launch in collaboration with our partners but this would be our first POAP organised by the community so would really appreciate if this one got approved :purple_heart:
Thank you in advance and have a great day!
Alona & Gro community

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Hello Alona-gro,

Your claim codes should be in your mailbox now!

Thank you for using POAP,
Kevster from the Curation Body

Hey Kevster,

Just checked my mailbox - nothing there yet, could you please have a look into this when you have a second? Thank you so much in advance!


Yes the codes should have been sent.
Can you maybe check your spam folder?

Try looking for any mail from POAP, if nothing is there, something must have gone wrong. I can confirm the event is accepted by the Curation Body.


Just checked - nothing in the spam folder/main inbox unfortunately :smiling_face_with_tear:

Could I get the codes in my mailbox on this forum, is that an option?


I will pass this on to the right person.
At the Curation Body we just approve the event. The mails should be automated, so something might have gone wrong there.

Sorry for the inconvinience,

Thank you so much for assisting with this! Could we confirm which email the codes were sent to?


Yes, I will do so in a DM