#23594 - CryptoGap event2 - 2022

Event ID : #23594 - CryptoGap event2 - 2022

Description: The core team of our community at Event 2 will talk about the importance of defi in the world of crypto currencies.

Date: 2022-01-19 - 2022-02-25

Codes requested: 194

Distribution method: Poap Delivery (Poap website and The address of the wallets we have entered in the white list)
POAP delivery #1086

Note: Only those who have the address of their wallets that have been entered can withdraw.
This is a new request and different from the previous request. Glad to confirm.

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@frankie Hey Frankie! or any available curators. I’ve been speaking to them and believe they can verify a secure and ethically claimed POAP petition! This was his previous conversation, i instructed him too late on having to reply to that thread… Let me know how it goes!

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Hi Cryptogap,

It seems like there are 2 different requests made for this, which could cause some confusion for the curation team. One request had 193 codes, the other one had only 73. Could you explain the difference between those? Are they missing address?

Kevin from the Curation Body

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The previous request for the address of the wallets was not listed . So we created a form and filtered the addresses of the wallets, which numbered 194 . That’s why we created the new request . We have filtered the addresses of the wallets and whitelisted them in the delivery section

Thank you sir Glad you followed my work and guided me very well.

We had more than 250 guests and at this AMA we gave information about the Galaxy Eco and the Poap system to the community.

Recorded file on YouTube

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Hey @cryptogap,
I’m sorry, but we can’t accept any events from sanctioned countries.